Sep 23, 2009

Ecollustration of the Week: Coffee Aroma

Mmmmm I love the aroma of coffee. I could smell it for hours, funny enough I don't really like the flavor. So instead of drinking from it, I decided to  paint with it. My brother told me to sketch a parakeet for him and an owl. I decided to use those sketches to try this technique out. The texture depended on how much coffee you put into the water. The difference between the coffee and the tea is of course the opacity, but with the coffee my room was instantly  covered by that warm smell of coffee. I loved the results very much.
P.S: If you are wondering what brand of coffee I used "Gabriela Premium Instant Coffee"

Sep 14, 2009

A collaborative Sketchbook

I love Cheetos puff, the taste is oh so good. Now I love it more because it gives my collaborative sketchbook a much better look.(Cheetos represent!). You remember that game where one person starts a story and the people after her/him, will add something new to it? well this collaborative sketchbook does the same thing, only with sketches. I will later post the end result for everyone to see. There's no template for this project since it's up to you to pick whatever size you want and it's pretty simple. You just need cardboard, potato chip bag and a paper bag. 
Here are the steps :)
Click on the picture,
to see it bigger.

Sep 13, 2009

Ecollustration of the week: Angel service

This week's Ecollustration is a collaboration of materials I had close within my reach. Keep in mind that illustration doesn't always have to be in paper. Expand your imagination and boundaries, illustration can be done in anything from wooden dolls, canvases, clothes, sand, walls, skin and even your hair!( ok well that's really pushing it). So here I had a wooden doll (a memento from the KOKESHI exhibition at the Japanese american national museum,where a lot of famous illustrators painted wooden dolls. If you are in Los Angeles go check it out is still in exhibition till october 4 2009), watercolor paper, scraps of old cloth, acrylic inks and inspiration and voila! ecollustration of the week!

Visual Storytellers

Storytelling is one of the reasons I became involved in illustration. I grew up listening to stories of all kinds and I loved how easily I was captured by the words and gestures of the storyteller but even better when illustrations were used (or puppets). Here I wanted to share an amazing video a friend sent to me. A storyteller who uses sand ( available at beaches or deserts near you) to tell a story. Amazing so enjoy!