Nov 19, 2012

Artist from La La Land

Illustrator of the week is Melissa Kojima from "Artist in LA LA Land Illustration".

I consider her one of my friends from the blogging network and such an honor she follows me (thank you Melissa) she always shares great support(thank you Melissa) So I don't know what took me so long to feature her (wait I know, Procrastination tsk tsk) She's does everything from illustration to Paper-Mache. I'm a big fan of her paper-dolls and not just like the ones you used to cut from the back of children magazines with the little flaps, but articulated ones, Perfect for children and adults. If you are a fan of bunnies,paper toys,vintage toys, animal circus or looking for a blog full of inspiration, definitely check her blog. I follow her blog not only to see her work that she shares, but she also shares such awesome findings, she just shared this amazing thanksgiving paper play I would not have found on my own. So highly recommend to check out her work and her blog, you'll end up full of inspiration,and now some photos.

Hungry for more? Visit her blog @

Nov 13, 2012

Wedding Invitation Part 2

Well, you guys remember part 1? well the invitations are done, and were a huge success. I'm glad. I loved working on it and even more when people told me they were very unique. Anyway The invitations was done using materials from Oaxaca. From the handmade paper, to the heart clip and printed here. Here are the photos:

Nov 6, 2012

House of the City

The House of the City

I love that this house is two blocks from my house. This house is a good place to start to know about Oaxaca. The main subject of this house is sustainable living and how to apply it to Oaxaca. And not only that, they also have exhibition rooms, one of them holds a photograph floor with an aerial view of Oaxaca. In the other exhibitions room they hold exhibitions that relate to Oaxaca, or being sustainable. I got the chance to see an exhibition about the importance of water, and the history of water in Oaxaca. 

They also hold events that promotes being green or that will help oaxaca, I assisted to the 5th Congress of cyclists, amazing time.

They also have an amazing library, but I will talk about the library another time, because it deserves its own post.

I’m sharing some photos, but feel free to visit their website @

Nov 5, 2012

I'm Back and the Blog too!!

Oh dear, I though the organizing was never going to end! but I made it, I made it!. Now is easier to read old posts. and the good news is I  cleaned it so well, I have enough room to upload pictures till the end of the year. When I'll run out of space, I will switch to, (don't worry this blogspot will still exist for anyone who wants to go back to reread a post) because I cannot afford to pay google every month for pictures space, my economy in Mexico is cheaper than the U.S.A.

So there you have it, I plan to update once a week.Have a great week everyone.

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