Jun 29, 2012

From my Ipad to Yours


I decided to create another topic to post about "From my Ipad to Yours" it would work the same way " From my Library to Yours" works likes. Last christmas I was given an IPAD, and boy has it change a lot of the way I work. I was skeptical of the Ipad at first, but know I'm all about recommending it.

For today the app I recommend is *drums rolls* "BRUSHES"

Here's the link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/brushes-ipad-edition/id363590649?mt=8 or search for it on your IPAD App store.

I love taking my Ipad to my figure drawing class and experiment with it ( I use an Ipad stylus, the cheapest one I found on Office Depot here in Oaxaca, but it works great!). Here are some images I did:

Oh and the cool part it records your process. 

Jun 20, 2012

Ratoncito "Perez"

Here in mexico, instead of a tooth fairy we have a mouse, and is called "Ratoncito Perez."
When I was little I used to think, the little mouse was related to me, him having the same last name as me Perez ( of course I now realize Perez is one of the most common mexican last name). So here's my version of Ratoncito Perez, just for fun and to bring a little action to this blog  :)

Jun 1, 2012

Travel with me to Oaxaca

AS many know, I love participating on 'The Sketchbook Projects" by Art House, and now you have the chance to see my sketchbook online!

Follow this link : http://www.arthousecoop.com/library/8354 : and it will take you to my sketchboo "Travel with me to Oaxaca"

Much love

From Ol' little me.