May 31, 2010

Artists Studios

I dream of the day that I will own a little home, where I will have an amazing studio. I think having a special place where you do your work is very important, just like we program our brain that bed is  a place for sleeping , the kitchen for cooking and eating and the TV room for watching TV. A studio should be for working, that will allow for you to work and inspiration and motivation would come easily ( I know is true because when I had a senior studio among other seniors the body of work created in those studios was amazing!) To share here are some of the studios of some of my favorite designers and illustrators:

Exciting no?

May 27, 2010

Ecollustration: Header!

Well I'm ready to paint the  new header today, here are the pictures of how it looks before I'll paint it. When I finish painting it, I will get it ready to put it on the blog :D :

May 26, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling taking a vacation.

As you know, I'm in the process of packing before moving again. (wow feel like a nomad) so I will start the D.I.Y. Recycling until I'm settled in the other house. :)

If you are a fan on book covers check out this amazing book process from artist Joy Ang . It's going to inspired you to do a pencil rendered sketch and edit it in photoshop :)

PS:I Decided to go back to courier instead of helvetica :)

May 25, 2010

Ecollustrator of the Week: Anita Mejia.

Hello Everyone.
You may see changes happening to the blog, I got tired of the green and of the same header, so right now I'm working on a new header and will be up soon. :)
PS: I like the type small, let me know if it works for you guys, I would hate to see you guys squinting your eyes. Are you squinting?

Anyway here is another mexican illustrator I came across, VIVA MEXICO!.
If you have a playful, cheerful, wicked and bubbly sense  of humor you are going to love Anita's Mejia body of work. She's from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico-- but her work has been seen all around Mexico and United States ( and I just read she was in my hometown! Oaxaca, Mexico, I read she had a great time so I'm very glad). Her work consist of inks and sometimes she colors in photoshop, her inking technique is amazing and very meticulous it'll blow you away. Anyway here is a peek of some of my favorite work of hers, but first feel free to visit her sites to see more:


Another cool thing? She likes melted chocolate

May 20, 2010

Ecollustration: Pages from my sketchbook

Just wanted to share a few pages of my sketchbook. I highly recommend for everyone to have a sketchbook for several reasons:
1. Is fun
2. Inspiration can hit at anytime, so before your forget it write/sketch it down.
3. When done with a sketchbook is a great place to look back when one has artist block

May 19, 2010

Save your erasers!

I'm packing because I'm moving again, and sometimes you come across forgotten items. Like eraser blocks , I now mostly use kneaded erasers because they are less messy and you can clean them more easily by kneading  them :). So here I found an eraser and decided let's make it into a stamp!

There's only one step, draw your simple design and cut away with your x-acto knife! Just learn from my mistake and do your design already flipped so when printed is readable left to right.  I used to do this to my erasers when bored in class, eh I mean while paying attention to the lectures of course!

May 18, 2010

Geninne Zlatkis

I'm so excited.
Let me tell you why.
I have some across several amazing mexican illustrators, that I can't wait to share with you. Why is this makimg me excited? Several reasons:
1: I'm mexican.
2: Growing up in Oaxaca, Mexico you hardly heard "I'm an illustrator", mostly "I'm a painter and you can find me in the corner of el Zocalo". Many see that lifestyle as hard to live by. Also from what I remember galleries held mostly fine art and contemporary work no illustrations.
3: I hear and read alot about the illustration world here in the United States, in Spain, in Italy, in England, in Australia and even in South America, but I barely hear from Mexico. Which is very surprising because there is so much beautiful art and culture in Mexico, so is about time!Viva Mexico! (I do hear alot from Graphic design in Mexico so that's also great news since that can open a door to illustration).
4: If you know of any illustrators from Mexico, or a magazine on illustration from Mexico or Mexican illustrators around the world please share them with me!!

Now Let's introduce Geninne Zlatkis, this week ecollustrator! Viva Geninne!
She was born in New york and has traveled everywhere and lived in 7 countries (How adventurous!) and studied archquitecture in chile before moving to Mexico where she graduated as a graphic artist (Graphic artist, that sounds perfect specially since she does graphic design and illustration no?). She currently lives in Queretaro, Mexico with her best friend/Husband and her lovely two sons and a half (ok well not a half, she has a dog named turbo :). She works mostly with watercolors and I'm loving her latest experiment where she dies her watercolor papers with either jamaican leaves, coffee or tea before painting them. The results are beautiful! so inspiring. She's a bird&nature lover, so you'll see alot of that in her illustration.

Visit her:
BLOG( yesh I'm a follower)

Now here are a few picks of her latest paintings! get ready to fall in love!:

PS: The Pink one is my favorite and yes I changed font. I'm giving helvetica a try, taking a bit of break from courier. 

May 17, 2010

Look! I got featured on a blog!

Hello everyone, hope you had a good weekend. I did, my painting "Las Luciernagas" sold (Thank you Adam). But if you are interested you can request a print HERE. I really like how part of the profit goes toa non-profit, when done with my current projects I plan to submit another painting for sale.

Also my painting "The Swan Maiden" was featured on "The Fairy Tale Cupboard". Being a Fairy Tale fan I was honored blogger Claire Massey asked to use my painting.(Thank you!)If you love fairy tales, storytelling, beautiful illustration, writings about fairy tales, informaton, events, exhibitions and more, then you will love this blog.
Again if you are a fan of fairy tales you must check it out, if you are not a fan of fairy tales CHECK IT OUT you may find a new passion.

Here is the link:

Also my computer charger died on me, so I'm on my brother's computer and I miss my Mac already, I'm so ackward on the P.C.(where's my command button?)

See you guys tomorrow :)

May 12, 2010

Look I won a book. Ask me a question. Read amazing interviews

Hello everyone:
We wont have a D.I.Y this week , I have some lovely guests visiting from my hometown I must attend to, but here are a few quick announcements:

It's always so exciting to win things, but for me even more super exciting when is a book. I won this book from a giveaway giving by Booklicious. A blog that covers all things book from reviews to amazing reads, beautiful book covers, amazing bookshelves. I truly recommend to check it out @ Here's my book:


If you are wondering why randomly a question will show in my blog with an answer from me? Well is because I have joined Formspring, where you can ask me any questions and i'll gladly will answer it for you. You can do it so by going to the side bar of the blog I have the little question box or @


I have become contributor for the blog A BAD CRIT, a blog for the underdogs. A blog that shows artists who are on the rise and are not known as widely as the artist we heard about all the time. 
Check it out is very inspiring @ 

Enjoy the rest of your week :)

May 10, 2010

Typography & Lettering in Etsy.

I Love Etsy, it has amazing things there, but lately I been drooling at the beautiful typography and lettering I keep finding there, it's inspiring me so much. I wish I could share it all, but If i do that then this blogpost will never be finished, so here are a few favorites:


I'm off to see more :)