Sep 22, 2011

London: A bit of Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes Museum!

Loved seeing all the little curiosities

The Man
Can you find my business card?

Hello there!

In the Metroooo!


Also anyone excited for season 2 of BBC's SHERLOCK? I Love that show!

Sep 21, 2011

London: A Bit of the Tower of London and The British Museum

The British Museum

Didn't have enough time to see all the museum, but glad I got to see a pretty awesome room

I really loved the Enlightenment room and seeing all the collections of Sir Hans Sloane,
 Captain James Cook and the Illustrations of Maria Sybylla Merian.

The Tower of London

Love the illustration

The White Tower

The Fusilier's Museum

The line to see the Crown Jewels

A classic

Love the animal statues through the Tower of London


Sep 20, 2011

London:A Bit of the City

I saw these two looking for their heads
Ball tricks!
All the things you can find in the Portobello market

The Big Ben!
The London Eye!
Sand sculptures
The Shakespeare Globe theater
The sunset in London

Look to the RIGHT
Sunday Up market
Some pretty awesome street art

Olympics coming soon
A very cool illustration gallery called the Illustration Cupboard.
The London Bridge
Picadilly Circus