Oct 13, 2010

Life loves to throw curve balls fo' sure

I'm not in Portland, OR...yet.
Life or God's funny sense of humor created situations that in the end worked out for the best :).
I'm still here in LA, and I'm still starting school in the spring in Portland. So all is good in my life.

Boy, is good to be back in LA visiting family and friends.
I have to say for someone who is into the arts, like illustrators LA is a great place to be. There are a lot of craft fairs, farmers markets, amazing museums, beautiful hiking spots and beaches, art events and good ol' architecture.

Saw the Natural history museum(always a favorite), The getty museum (Alwas love their drawing exhibitions) and the california science center where they had an amazing mummy exhibition.
and will go to new museums I haven't seen yet:

The Printing Museum
The Huntington Gardens

Also I got to see a great talk by the Magnifico James gurney. Here is a mobile picture of him enlightening all of us listeners:

I got the opportunity to get this book and have him signed it(click on the image to be send to the amazon page where you can buy it :):


Once I move back to Texas and get to have the time to fully sit and read I will share more about this book. But from what I heard in the conference talk and what I saw from flipping the pages, this is a MUST HAVE for every illustrator, it has some great tips that will help you as an illustrator and storyteller.

Also I got the opportunity to flip the pages of his next book:

Can't wait to Own one ^^!

One of the reasons I love being an illustrator is meeting other illustrators and seeing the way they work and sharing what they have learned. Creative people just make me want to be more creative, plus you learn new things.

I won't update as regular but that will change once im back in Texas and when I move to Portland.

Have a great week everyone.