Jan 28, 2011

Leornardo's Anatomical Drawings by the Man Genius.

I think every artist should have a book about this amazing artist and person: Leornardo Da Vinci.

Here is the book that I have of him, a book I bought at the Body worlds exhibition gift shop (by the way that exhibition is a must see).

you can buy a copy HERE

This one is a small book and has very few pages, but it clearly shows Da vinci's fascination of the human anatomy (and why not?, our body is quite magnificent) plus I love to see his studies and his cryptic writing next to it. It clearly shows the importance of always carrying a sketchbook to sketch/write down everything you observe.  What I learned from flipping through this book, is the importance of research on the subject/story that you have to illustrate.

I plan to get more books on Leonardo Da Vinci. You know that question of what 5 dead people you would love to have coffee with? (or something like that) Yeah Mr. Da Vinci is definitely invited.

Also while we are talking about this great man, if you are a fan (hahaha who would not be a fan?)
You must join his facebook page! like it HERE

Also I love how Leornardo Da Vinci was portrayed in "Ever After"

Source: google images.

Yeah I'll choose him as my fairy godmother too. 

Wish you all a great weekend.

Jan 27, 2011

Library of the Early Mind in Los Angeles February 6th.

Click on image to see larger version

Remember when I mentioned this film last year? no? That's ok, Its been a while.
Long summary short it's about children literature.
From the moment I found out about the release of this film--which has been touring around the U.S. since October 19 2010--I  got very excited because well I love books, I love children books, I love to illustrate and is my dream to one day illustrate a children's book and be part of the children publishing industry.

So if you are in LA during the week of february 6th, GO GO GO! its a must see and then tell me how you like it (oh how I wish I were back in LA just to see this film). If you  are not in LA check their website to see if there will be any screenings near where you live , which is what I do, constantly.

Find out all about the film: http://childrenslitproject.wordpress.com/

PS: I don't know if there are other documentaries about the children publishing industry, but if you do know please let me know :D 

Jan 26, 2011

Illustrator of the Week: Jose Sanabria

Oh, I can't wait when I finally have my Illustration studio all set up in Mexico, so I can have a legit library because I want to buy all his books. Have you seen his clouds? it blows me away! the way he does his watercolors are so beautiful! I can't get enough of it. The beautiful way he does his transparencies and yet it look so simple but I bet is not! and  also I love the way he does little people :). 

Anyway Jose Sanabria is a Columbian Illustrator, currently living in Argentina. Go check out his WEBSITE. No seriously GO!

PS: Another reason why I like him:

"When at my drawing table I enjoy the pleasure that a carpenter a craft worker or a blacksmith does with its work. My illustrations are homage to these people whom, with nothing other than their hands, create the most beautiful objects of life."
-Jose Sanabria

Oh how I wish he had a blog or a book about his techniques and inspirations.

Jan 21, 2011

Links Soup for the Soul

I wish you all a very happy weekend, but before you go off to weekend mode I want to share with you this 5 blogs that will not only tickle your funny bone but give you the same effect of indulging in the deliciousness of chocolate.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your milk teeth came alive? here you can find out!  It's AAaaalliiiveeee, AAAaaLLllliveee!! 

A girl who is a walking rainbow, wait no! She does not walk instead she skips down the street. Taking bright colorful pictures and creating wonders with papers. Also she is mother to Moo, not a cow but a cute cat that can fly.

Oh my god, what can I say?other than I wish that was the name of a step dance I would very much learn to do, this is cutest place to see children books being reviewed by 4 very cute and smart children who love the written word. Never grow up.

I never truly appreciated screencaps until I bumped into this blog. It makes me laugh so loud my mother thinks I'm watching modern family again. It's full of funny comments and travel pictures and a whole appreciation for milk. Let's all drink in the name of the cows, because without those wonderful mammals we would have never gotten blessed with the perfect liquid to dunk our double stuff Oreos.

& SO ON:  
A blog of few words, but her images share so much more from smart, funny to wow. She loves to say 'ello and wishes to have a british accent .  She can do kick-ass design, as well as kick your ass 'cuz she can climb walls, believe it 'cuz I seen it. 

Oh hell yes they do, don't act innocent we all have picked our noses and smelled our boogers sometime in our lives. So move on and come read a girl's hilarious thoughts and the other's crazy illustrations. What a wonderful marriage of creativity.

Jan 20, 2011

Bird Brain

No no no no I'm not insulting them by calling them bird brain, that's actually the name of their illustration team. Trust me it sounds waaay better in spanish " Cerebro de Pajaro" (suh-reh-bro  the Pah-hah-roh).

Anyway "Suh-reh-bro the Pahh-hah-roh" is formed by two very talented Mexican (yay-yuh represent!) Illustrators Tania Juarez and Carlos Velez, who work with different mediums from watercolor, color pencils to digital art. What I love from their work? very simple I love their color palettes, the collage and sketch effect they add to their illustrations, the sense of storytelling in each work and the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me when I see their happy beautiful illustrations

To see more of their work visit their BLOG and their DEVIANT ART, you won't be sorry. 

Jan 19, 2011

Pictorial Webster's: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities

Ah here comes the first "From My Library to Yours" Post of the year *Drum rolls*
THE PICTORIAL WEBSTER'S :A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities by John M. Carrera.
I first heard of this book when a friend posted this video in facebook:

Pictorial Webster's: Inspiration to Completion from John Carrera on Vimeo.
From the discovery of the 1898 International Dictionary to linotyping the entries to printing the last print on the vandercook to cutting the fingertabs of the deluxe edition, this video gives a quick overview of the process of creating the Pictorial Webster's fine press edition.

Then one of my favorite publishing company Chronicle Books Published a trade version, the one I will share some peeks today. If you are a lover of books, illustrations, antique, design, research, the vintage, stamps, and little curiosities then you must get this book, is a wonderful source of inspiration.

You can buy it HERE

Thank you John M. Carrera.

Jan 18, 2011

A Bit of Po-luv-roid.

So today morning I went to the Mexican Consulate to get my passport renew and ready to travel. YESH! now I just have to get my visa to be able to be in Geneve, Switzerland. :) Anyway After I was done I hopped happily to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, because I was in museum loving mood. There I try my Fuji Instax, to see how it does in inside shooting, I was limited at to what to shoot, since the flash can't be turn off manually. So here it is some Polaroid luvin':

A pirate who was after my heart. yo no no no

Giant Bugs, every girl's dream come true yay!

"Ma'am no flash por favor"

Yeah swordfish can fly


favorite picture <3

I of course did some random sketching of two shells and some people eating at the museum's Mcdonald:


Oh and yeah prewtty shells.

Jan 17, 2011

Look! Look! First post of the year 2011.

Happy Late New Year!

I'm so happy to be back blogging, it means my life is starting to finally calm down a bit, and I can finally pamper my blog. As you can see a huuuuuuge change happened to my blog. The reason behind this is because at first Ecollustration was meant to be a blog about being green and recycling. Through time I began to notice that it started to shift into other areas as well. So I decided to make it my personal blog, where yes I will still talk about being green but will also talk about other things I love like books, illustrations, watercolors, illustrators, projects and traveling. :).

Anyway I got me a new pocket watercolor sketchbook, since my old one is starting to get heavy from the collages, pictures and cutouts I put in there( so it has become the stay-at-home inspiration sketchbook). 

Here it is!
(A big THANK YOU to my cousin Katarina who made my name for me awwwww)

My new baby :')

Also I finished my Sketchbook project in time! I chose the theme "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" Here is a preview.

The Cover


Jan 14, 2011


The Blog will be back running smoothly January 17 2011!
As you can see the name has changed to ByRominaPerez, so don't forget to update your bookmarks to http://byrominaperez.blogspot.com

See you all soon!