Dec 11, 2009

Preparations for Christmas cards 2

I finally finished the cards I will send to my family here it is:
A) The envelopes were done from paperbag shopping bags from the stores Gymboree and Charlotte Russe.

B) Recycled paper was used to type a message.

C) Cereal and Coca cola boxes were used for the illustration, which was done in cochineal. 

There were two kinds of cards, the bookmark/Tree ornament and the framed one.
This holiday I encourage you to do your own Christmas card or to buy one that's handmade.

Dec 9, 2009

Preparation for Christmas cards

Done with cochineal (the natural dye that I'm exploring and experimenting). I found so many interesting articles online about the red cochineal, different ways to be used, techniques and how to obtain different shades. I plan sometime later this week to go to the library and find some books on natural dyes, maybe some in botany ( if you know of a book feel free to recommend). To summarize cochineal can change its color by changing its ph, since I can't do that since right now my materials are very limited, I can add some materials that can also affect it's solution. When mixed with acids it brightens towards orange, alkalies can change the color towards purple and iron changes to purple-brown. This is very basic, hence why I want to do more research. Which I don't complain I love to research, it makes me feel I'm some sort of detective. Mwahahaha
Here's a peek of my exploration:
* Grinding the cochineal and adding water.*

*Finding different shades*

I'm making christmas cards for the family, this week ecollustration is part of it. 

Dec 7, 2009

Miniature books are grandeur!

If you love things in miniature you would love this week's from my library to yours' book:

This books contains such beautiful ideas on making miniature books, but not into your usual open and flip pages. EAch piece has a unique way of opening and each piece is an unique piece of art. I love how the authors/ book designers incorporate illustrations in their work. They also show you how to recycle materials to make your books, per example an old camera, matchbooks, old maps and even toys. The first section of the book introduces you to techniques, phrases and the tools you need for bookbinding or book arts. The instructions are easy to follow Thanks to the good writing, illustrations and photographs.
Here's a peek:

You can also peek through google books,just click HERE.
Now because I think is worth it, I want you to read about the artist info, taken from this same book.
"Peter and Donna Thomas are book artists, paper makers, and letterpress printers who also illustrate(WOhoo Yeah! represent!) illuminate and bind their own unique books. Their research into the history of paper making and their exploration of alternative book structures are internationally recognized. They are founding members of the Miniature Book Society and throughout their careers have been active in the leadership of both national and international book arts and paper making organizations..." (Breathes in) wait there's more "...Since 1977, their books have been shown in individual and group exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad under their previous  imprint. The Good Book Press, and their current imprint, Peter and Donna Thomas. Their books are found in collections around the world, including the Getty Museum, the National Gallery of Art, and UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library. They have lectured and taught workshops internationally and have published books and articles on paper making and other aspects of the book arts. They live and work in Santa Cruz, California" Wow
If you still not convinced go check out their website by clicking HERE.
If you are still not convinced then, I'm sorry but you are a dummy.
If you are offended by me calling you a dummy (but seriously no one gets offended by that word, but there's always that one person, right?), its nothing personal.