Nov 16, 2011

Renata Liwska

I love Renata Liwska's Illustrations, they make me want to hug them and cuddle with them. Her characters are so friendly! and I love her rendering style :).  I was surprised to find out she used photoshop, it really doesn't look very digital, I like how she worked out a style where she combined the  traditional with the digital! but you really can't tell! you can see the process of her work thanks to HERE. I really need to get some of her books in my library.

See more of her work at her website, while there check the sketchbook section! @

Yes, she has a blog, enjoy it @

Nov 13, 2011

Instrumenta Oaxaca 2011

At the beginning of November, Oaxaca Instrumenta 2011 Began, which mean all through the month of November there is free and paid concerts all around downtown of the city. It's a great opportunity to sketch and listen to music :) Being focused on the sketches made me forget to take lots of pictures (shame on me), but here are the few as well as the sketches from my sketchbook.

Nov 4, 2011

The Hidden People by Cory Godbey

I Highly recommend to have this small jewel on your library. Not only would you have an amazing piece of work, but you will also be supporting a fellow and very talented illustrator. The format of the book reminds me of Brian Freud and Alan Lee's book "Fairies". The one of an explorer/anthropologist cataloging a new world. I love seeing the different variations of his sketches. His style, characters and imagination are fun to see and read about. I also like the care he took in setting up his book with chapters, descriptions, studies, close ups, sticking to a constant set of lettering, the process and the epilogue. Enjoy the sneak peeks!

Check out Cory Godbey's website @
Check out his blog @
You can buy the book @
And finally check out his portfolio @

Nov 3, 2011

Happy Day of the Death

Yesterday was day of the death, but I was happily seeing all the altars, the sand carpets, visiting the cemetery and seeing all the celebrations that I didn't have time to wish you all a happy day of the death, but like they say better late than never :)