Oct 29, 2009

A box for my materials

"Here lies a magical box
that contains everything
you need.
P.s. Or so I hope
Good Luck"
That's the phrase in top of my new box, where I put all my materials. Since I noticed that my scissors, little rulers, pencils and brushes were roaming loosely, I decided to make a little box to keep them together. I used fall leaves that I collected to celebrate the fall season. This box can not only be a material box, but a memory box as well. A little side note, I used glue to add protective layers. I recommend that at the end to add also a varnish layer so it last even longer. Also I recommend to put the leaves ( that you'll have fun collecting) inside a big book so they flatten the leaves. It will make the job so much easier. Remember in order to see the big picture, click on the small picture :)

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