Dec 9, 2009

Preparation for Christmas cards

Done with cochineal (the natural dye that I'm exploring and experimenting). I found so many interesting articles online about the red cochineal, different ways to be used, techniques and how to obtain different shades. I plan sometime later this week to go to the library and find some books on natural dyes, maybe some in botany ( if you know of a book feel free to recommend). To summarize cochineal can change its color by changing its ph, since I can't do that since right now my materials are very limited, I can add some materials that can also affect it's solution. When mixed with acids it brightens towards orange, alkalies can change the color towards purple and iron changes to purple-brown. This is very basic, hence why I want to do more research. Which I don't complain I love to research, it makes me feel I'm some sort of detective. Mwahahaha
Here's a peek of my exploration:
* Grinding the cochineal and adding water.*

*Finding different shades*

I'm making christmas cards for the family, this week ecollustration is part of it. 

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