Jul 18, 2011

Littleture: The Bunny

When I was little we lived in a tiny Duplex,
hence we had to give away my bunny due to lack of space.


  1. hahahah, this illustration is so funny!
    what a cute little bunny! i miss my childhood pet bunny now~:(

  2. Ohmygod! That is great! I love the piles of poo! I'm so happy to keep seeing your lovely artwork!

  3. Sunny! I was remembering my pet bunny when doing this, they are indeed so cute!!
    And Melissa thank you!! :D!!

  4. Hi,
    it's been a while I stopped by, have been so summer swooped in mural painting and entertaining my kids...
    Are you still in Switzerland? For how long?

    I have to send you a drawing soon!!!

    This bunny is adorable! I used three-one after the other-fuzzy wuzzy cuddly friendly. They r just so sweet. I drew my last one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/malkamichaela_unleashed/5449268735/in/photostream
    this picture is hilarious! Hope you are keeping yourself well and happy! ♥

  5. lol, I meant to say "I used to have.."

  6. AWw your pet bunny is so cute!!
    Actually I leave switzerland tomorrow, I'll send you my new address soon :)
    yes I know it's been 5 months already!
    and hope you are keeping yourself happy too!!