Sep 19, 2011

Flipback Books: The Review!

Remember when I mentioned on this blogpost that I was going to get my hands on a Flipback book to share my experience with you? Well I did it! They are only available in Europe at the moment (I got mine in London), but I hope that soon it will be available in every continent, because I love them. First let me share with you some pictures:

Next to my business card.

The design of the book is designed to easily flip the page back

The pages easily stay flat

The left margin is wider so your thumb won't cover the writing

The Flipback Book felt very comfortable in my hand, it was comfortable to read, and it fit even more comfortably in my bag. I read it on the bus, on the plane, in my room and just about anywhere. The book is very well designed and I love the horizontal book cover designs. The only complication I had was getting the hang of flipping the page back since the paper is very thin, but once I figure out a way, it was no problem, I'll unconsciously starting the flipping back with ease. I think it should replace paperbacks because their size are not only easier to carry but also to place on your bookshelves. I'll definitely will keep investing on these little Flipback books. Like their website says it's definitely the next little thing.

Visit their website @

PS: One day was a really good read, I recommend it and I'm excited to see the movie :)

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