Oct 31, 2011

Oaxaca, Mexico

As you know I'm back in my hometown Oaxaca, Mexico. For those that are not familiar with Oaxaca, I hope that through my blog you get to discover the place where my roots are and where most of my inspiration comes for my illustrations . Oaxaca is a beautiful town full of colors, music, art and delicious cuisine. Here I share two videos that show just the tip of the iceberg of what Oaxaca is, but that will give you a beginning of an idea of what Oaxaca is about. 

Here Are 3 blogs that I love to follow about other people that live and experience Oaxaca:

Oaxaca: The year After : http://oaxacanyear.blogspot.com/
View From Casita Colibri : http://casitacolibri.wordpress.com/
Oaxaca Cultural Navigator : http://oaxacaculture.com/

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