Aug 23, 2012

Children's Library of Oaxaca

This is one of my favorite libraries in Oaxaca, not just for its content but its architecture, it truly is beautiful.

The library is aimed at children and adolescents, and in my case for lovers of children literature. No only does it have a great variety of books,but it also has CDs, films, toys and computer services. There are reading rooms, play rooms, there's even an auditorium and a beautiful patio. 

Like I said I also love the architecture is definetely a library you could spend the whole day reading, researching, and relaxing. The architecture is sustainable too. I'm not sure who designed the architecture, but on my next visit I won't forget to ask.

Also every month there are workshops, and lectures for children and adults. And one of my favorite things from the library is the toad fountain designed by local artist Francisco Toledo, when I first saw it, it reminded me of Hayao Myasaki's films.

Another great thing about this Library, it has another small library called "Jorge luis Borges" and it's for the visually impaired, it offers a collections of braille books, it also has workshops in teaching braille, special computers for the blind and more.

The children library is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods of Oaxaca, called Xochimilco.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy:

The Library's website is as follow, Is in spanish, but play around :


  1. What an amazing library. Thanks for sharing it, Romina. Yes, I agree the toad fountains is wonderful. I can see why it reminds you of Myasaki. How wonderful that there is a braille center there to teach and help the blind.

  2. Yes they have really cool libraries in oaxaca, I will be sharing more in the future :).