Nov 6, 2012

House of the City

The House of the City

I love that this house is two blocks from my house. This house is a good place to start to know about Oaxaca. The main subject of this house is sustainable living and how to apply it to Oaxaca. And not only that, they also have exhibition rooms, one of them holds a photograph floor with an aerial view of Oaxaca. In the other exhibitions room they hold exhibitions that relate to Oaxaca, or being sustainable. I got the chance to see an exhibition about the importance of water, and the history of water in Oaxaca. 

They also hold events that promotes being green or that will help oaxaca, I assisted to the 5th Congress of cyclists, amazing time.

They also have an amazing library, but I will talk about the library another time, because it deserves its own post.

I’m sharing some photos, but feel free to visit their website @

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