Mar 1, 2013

New Blog Coming Soon

Hi everyone, as you can totally notice, I barely update here, with work, school and tourism I barely have the time to do it. So I've come to a conclusion, simplify my posts. The posts I used to do here were planned with time and I would write on them, As it were my diary, in another words way too much writing. Also my space for pictures is running really low, it gets harder and harder to upload. And finally I didn't bring my laptop to spain with me, I brough my Ipad and I don't like the blogger app. So I'll be opening a blog in tumblr soon, where I feel it will fit better with my lifestyle. I will share mostly work of mine, work in process, some pictures of spain I'm sure or any discoveries worth sharing. This blog will not be deleted so you can consult it anytime you want.
As soon as I open that new blog I will share the link here.

Now a fun work in process to share, so you won't leave this blog without something to see:


  1. Ah, this little guy is so cute. I like seeing the sketch and the painting. Well, that makes sense about this blog and you needing something quicker and easier with all your traveling. I'm glad you're leaving up this blog though for everyone to come back to and search all the posts you've taken time and care to create. Thank you!

  2. Hi Melissa how arethings in Redondo beach?, your place loooked so awesome and gosh the light you have such great light! I'm always reading your blog in my Ipad, i don't always comment but i do read it often :p. And yesh this blog will stay for sure. Will let you know when the tumblr one is set up, bu the way will look you up on instagram! Have a great weekend!