Aug 28, 2009

An Archival Folder for your documents thanks to Paperbags and Cereal Boxes

Well now my desk will be more organized, all thanks to the cereal boxes and Trader joe paper bags that I keep. I've always been in favor of archival folders over the single one, because you can keep everything together in one folder, but still have categories. Plus, why buy those boring, cold plastic ones from the store, when you can do your own, and give it the look you wantSo follow the instructions in the slideshow or you can see it picture by picture under photo albums. If you are wondering about the illustrations of the double deckers, it is because the paper I used to wrap my archival folder is an old map of London. I thought the double deckers would fit with the map, plus drawing random double deckers across the map makes it more interesting. See? Where in a store would you find that?

Here is the template:

Here are the steps, have fun!:

Click on the images to make them larger :)

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