Aug 19, 2009

Tea Paint

If you though that the ecollustration of the week was done in watercolors, well I got to tell you is actually TEA!. Yes, you read that's right tea; my roommate when she moved out, left me a bag of couple teas. I'm not an avid tea drinker so I decided that instead of drinking it, I could paint with it. The result is the ecollustration of week. My usual technique involves acrylic inks, gouache and watercolor and I love using those mediums, but I want eventually to use a more green approach...natural dyes, maybe the next ecollustration will be done in coffee.


  1. Hello Romina,
    Hope all is well
    Of course, I think this is brilliant.
    And some
    AND we do want to see more, no?
    Be well

  2. This is so beautiful.