Apr 4, 2011

An Illustrator Overseas: Geneva: Carouge

Carouge is one of the prettiest town in Geneve.
There are a lot of signs like this one, so far I've seen two types.

"Respect the environment"  how cute it brought a smile from me.

"Thank you for thinking of those sleeping" These signs are done by local illustrator ZEP 
I had to take a picture of this handsome fella, how could I refuse when he posed for me?.

I decided to add another category to my blog for my travels
"An Illustrator Overseas".
I'll try to keep them short and somehow with a connection 
to illustration or art. 


  1. What an adventure! Is your blog going to turn into a Rick Steve's special? :)

    Looks lovely.

  2. hahahahaa how about it eh? enjoy! :)