Apr 20, 2011

In My Mailbox: Rubin Pinqk!

As you know I was a winner in Rubin Pinqk "Art Forward" which led me to do the "Postcard Forward" a few weeks ago. So it was so nice to see a letter addressed to me in a cute pink envelope and here is what greeted me :)

Isn't it awesome! I love it so thank you so much Rubin!. If you haven't checked out Rubin's blog do so now, here are some of my favorite sketches of his:

See more of his work @ http://rubinpingk.com


  1. Hey! How did I miss this? It's about me!

    I am so glad it made it to you. My strange web surfing algorithms caused me to miss this posting which is horribly pig headed of me.

    I loved the drawing I made you so much I used it on my business cards and put it on the front of my book Licorice Volume 1.

    Thanks for playing! I hope your travels are extraordinary!

  2. Yes I loved it! Yeah google reader is weird sometimes, and cool glad you liked the idea! and yes i'm enjoying my travels :)