Jan 24, 2012

Grandpa's Suitcase = Craft Supplies Suitcase

I found my grandfather's old suitcase, and decided to restore it to save my art supplies, check out the big change:

I can definitely say I'm happy with the outcome, and highly encourage anyone that has an old suitcase to give it a second chance. Here is the process of the restoration: 

After cleaning the suitcase I went right to painting it.
Then I glued in the fabric of my choice. I highly recommend you don't pick a fabric too thick.
Then I created where I'm putting my colored pencils and watercolor tubes. I then added the velcro strips.
After accommodating my pieces of where I'm putting my color pencils and watercolor tubes. I
glued in colorful strings I bought at a craft store, to help me keep my boxes in place.
After everything is in its place, I use a cover to give a little extra help in keeping things in place.
IT's made of cardboard and an old map.
There you have it. Easy to store and move around while looking cute
I <3 my new suitcase for my art supplies :)

It was a long process, but all you require is determination, patience and good sense of humor.

Here a some links about other vintage suitcase restoration that served as inspiration for me:


  1. Beautiful I wish I have an old luggage too to do this.

  2. Love this!! Brilliant idea and a very neat execution! You don't cease to amaze and inspire! :)