Jan 19, 2012

Great Books to Welcome Me in My Hometown.

"How and how much to charge:Graphic Design in Mexico." This book is very similar to the Graphic Artist Guild Handbook to Pricing and  Ethical Guidelines" Even though is graphic design a lot of the info is helpful to me as an illustrator. I'm still searching other wonderful books to help me discover the business of illustration in Mexico. Have found some great sites too. :)
My father gave to me this beautiful 3 volumes book about my hometown! I'm almost done with the red book above and I'm very excited to start reading this book and as I read I plan to explore what i read about. The books talks from everything about Oaxaca. It's Culture, traditions, its people, its museums, it's famous artists and centers as well as it's markets and celebrations!.As I go reading I will be sharing my experience with all of you :).

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