May 18, 2010

Geninne Zlatkis

I'm so excited.
Let me tell you why.
I have some across several amazing mexican illustrators, that I can't wait to share with you. Why is this makimg me excited? Several reasons:
1: I'm mexican.
2: Growing up in Oaxaca, Mexico you hardly heard "I'm an illustrator", mostly "I'm a painter and you can find me in the corner of el Zocalo". Many see that lifestyle as hard to live by. Also from what I remember galleries held mostly fine art and contemporary work no illustrations.
3: I hear and read alot about the illustration world here in the United States, in Spain, in Italy, in England, in Australia and even in South America, but I barely hear from Mexico. Which is very surprising because there is so much beautiful art and culture in Mexico, so is about time!Viva Mexico! (I do hear alot from Graphic design in Mexico so that's also great news since that can open a door to illustration).
4: If you know of any illustrators from Mexico, or a magazine on illustration from Mexico or Mexican illustrators around the world please share them with me!!

Now Let's introduce Geninne Zlatkis, this week ecollustrator! Viva Geninne!
She was born in New york and has traveled everywhere and lived in 7 countries (How adventurous!) and studied archquitecture in chile before moving to Mexico where she graduated as a graphic artist (Graphic artist, that sounds perfect specially since she does graphic design and illustration no?). She currently lives in Queretaro, Mexico with her best friend/Husband and her lovely two sons and a half (ok well not a half, she has a dog named turbo :). She works mostly with watercolors and I'm loving her latest experiment where she dies her watercolor papers with either jamaican leaves, coffee or tea before painting them. The results are beautiful! so inspiring. She's a bird&nature lover, so you'll see alot of that in her illustration.

Visit her:
BLOG( yesh I'm a follower)

Now here are a few picks of her latest paintings! get ready to fall in love!:

PS: The Pink one is my favorite and yes I changed font. I'm giving helvetica a try, taking a bit of break from courier. 


  1. Muchísimas gracias por el precioso post Romina, viniendo de alguien tan talentoso como tú es un honor :) Un abrazo grande desde Queretaro!

  2. De nada y gracias ! el honor es mio :) y saludos desde Texas.