May 3, 2010

Book cover

Well, I finished the book cover, and I want to let you know that I have also updated my website, so go check it out @  .

Here are the pictures of the book cover, let me know your thoughts, critique and comments about it. It was a new experience for me to design a book cover and I love it, but a second opinion is always helpful, specially since I'm a little rusty on the design area. Some things I learned from this small personal project are: keep the design and illustration simple, next time print on matte instead of glossy, lettering or type should fit the mood of the work,  next cover I will plan to do my own lettering and stick to a color palette:

There you have it. While we are in the subject of book covers, here is an amazing video of how designer Lauren Panepinto designed the book cover of Blameless, check it out is amazing!

Here's designer/illustrator Jim Tierney book cover process (illustrators are going love this one):

Here is an interesting article on the history of book covers 


  1. Romina this is awesome! I love it! Your work has changed since I last saw it a gazillion years ago. Which is you know, good!

  2. Thank you hamza! that's really good to hear :)