May 5, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling Mother's day greeting card

Ah yes, this sunday I want to wish all mothers a happy day. I though for that occasion I could show you how to make a different kind of card that breaks away from the traditional one that comes in an envelope and the best part is that you it will come from you (what better way to show love, that to make it yourself). 
So have fun:

1: Materials are cereal box, pizza box or soda box cut to the size you desire; a ribbon you no longer need, double stick tape, x-acto knife and paper of your choice (I'm using stenographer paper, that a wonderful cousin of mine sent, it looks so cool and the random letters look like decorations and plus is the perfect size):

2: First place you rolled up paper in the area where you will place it, then you will mark it that way when you decorate the card, you'll be aware of where the scroll will be :

3: Then decorate your card :

4: Then place the ribbon across from where you marked the scroll, to see how wide you will make the slips, the cut the slips:

5: Then slip the ribbon thru:

6: Put the scroll in to help you put it in place, while on the back you glue the ribbon with double stick tape. Cut off the rest and if you want cover it so it doesn't look ribbon-space-ribbon:

7: Now write your message on the scroll, put it through and finally add the final touches:

Can't wait to give this to my mom.

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  1. Mother's Day is one of my favorite holiday of a year. Some heartfelt mothers day messages would be enough to show my appreciation and love for my dear mom. And to all mothers out there, you're the best! Happy Mother's Day!