Jul 13, 2010

From my Library to Yours: 2010 Children's writer's & Illustrator's Market

If you are someone who plans to get into the business of children's illustration. This book is a MUST get.  Seriously is super packed with the most helpful resources you need to start that career path. I love all the articles, interviews,and listings of book publishers, magazines, agents and books/online resources. Plus if you buy it, you'll get a one year free subscription to writersmarket.com to tone your writing skill or get information about the children's market. This is my bible for children's illustration market, I know I will consult it pretty much everyday.

On another note, I follow this blog called Eye for Lies about a woman who is known as a wizard-- no not the kind with the wands, though that would have been really cool-- I f you have seen the show Lie to Me, then she's like the character Ria Torres. A wizard is someone who has the natural gift to tell when you are lying(check out her site for more information). I love how she describes peoples emotion and what she perceives from them. Not just that, she also listens very carefully to what one says because the way we said things, the way we choose to say it, is very interesting. I highly recommend for you to check it out. Now on her latest blog post she mentions how they way you blog tells a lot about about your personality and she tried and it was very close to the truth!, so I'm going to give it a try.

First I will take the Myers-Briggs personality test to find what personality I fall under and then compared it to the answer of the blog analyzer. I will share the findings with you :)

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