Jul 16, 2010

Green Rules: Article of the week.

I came across this article about how the children publishing affects the rainforests and what they are doing to change it. Another reason why e-books are "eco-friendly". Im all about magazines and newspaper going digital and to be more selective when it comes to book, you can read more on my position on this HERE.

Here is the article:

Are Children's Publishers Destroying Rainforests? by Karen Springen

Some of the links mentioned in the article:

Little Green Books

Rain Forest Safe Summer Reading List

I Love Books and Rainforests

Turning the Page on Rainforest Destruction

Also Remember how I mentioned in my post about my thoughts on the Ipad and why I plan to wait before investing in one? Well just came across an article that proved me right, because the Ipad has created another shift in the e-reader market. Meaning the e-readers will change to stay in the market and better soon because there's a rumor about how Apple will release smaller and more affordable Ipads just for e-reading purposes  
here is the article about it:

5.6 and 7-inch Ipads Coming by John Martellaro

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