Jul 12, 2010

Nook?...Nah...Kindle?...Nah...Sonic Reader...Nah...Ipad?...Hahahah wait let me see that?

In short words that's how my reaction was to the e-readers and the Ipad.

As a book lover, when the e-readers started coming out it really did not capture my attention. Why would I trade the experience of connecting with a book with that of a gadget? When I love the feel of new and old book pages on my fingertips, to see beautiful and colorful illustrations that covers a page, a 2 page spread and on it's book jackets; the beautiful designed layouts specially on special editions books, removing the book jackets just to see the beautiful binding; And how with time the pages will yellow and the area near the spine will have lines because of the many times you have bend it to read it. Plus if you are reading a big fat book and you put in your purse and you find yourself being followed and pinched in the butt, just slam that purse into the perverts head  they'll run off bruised  to their mama for sure (bet you do that with a ereader and you'll break it!)

Then came the Ipad, which at first I couldn't help but make fun of it. First by stating it was just a bigger Itouch, then about how it was just like a laptop with no keyboard and people are getting lazier to carry their laptops, then the lack of originality in the name since one can't help but connect it with the pad under feminine care aisle 4 to your right. Then I stopped myself because the Ipad has something that the others e-readers don't have(To clarify, the Ipad is not a e-reader, it comes with an application that is an e-reader known as Ibook):


That's right is not black and white, so if you want to read a children's book, the illustrations will be shown they way they deserve to be shown. And for an illustrator that is a big deal!
Another thing the Ipad has that other e-readers don't have:


Yup, even though it acts like a reader, it conserved the appearance of the insides of a book. Meaning when you want to move to the next page, it will flip as if you actually flipped to the next page. And if you tilt it horizontally it will get the appearance of a 2 page spread.
Another thing they did that other e-readers didn't?:


That's right, you can interact with some of the e-books you buy for the Ipad. Kind of a virtual Pop up book. Here's a video on the Alice in Wonderland e-book for the Ipad. Is fun to see the illustrations come alive.

Pretty sweet no?

Here is an article about a book lover and her encounter with the Ipad. 
She gives such great points about pros and cons I highly recommend you to read it.

The Ipad and I: Of Love and Meh by Elizabeth Bluemle

Another thing that I like about the Ipad? if you are an illustrator, before you start a painting you can do quick color comps to plan your painting! or quick ideas. Here Illustrator Dani Jones gives an example:

Wether we like it or not the e-reader market will continue to grow, and the best thing for us book lovers, readers and illustrators is to embrace it and be part of it. I'll quote Corny Collins form hairspray "Velma, isn't this where it's all heading anyway? Now you can fight it, or you can rock out to it!" 

I don't believe books will ever disappear, I just think maybe it will be more selective as to what will be printed and what would be digitized. We'll see where the future will take us.

This is not a review for the Ipad, since I do not even own one, but just a personal opinion. For the moment I'm leaning towards the Ipad but I'm thinking of waiting to see what e-readers will come out next before I take the plunge in investing in one, plus I need to save money if I do plan to get me an Ipad. So pricey!

See the Ipad application "Ibook" on its official page: 

Wow! If you stuck with me till the end (this was quite a long blog post) feel free to share with me your opinions//experiences//thoughts on the Ipad or any of the e-readers, it's quite fascinating how new changes ruffles people's feathers.

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