Jun 1, 2011

Raquel Aparicio

I love Raquel Aparicio's illustrations I feel she uses negative space so well. She uses different media but I love the ink style it has and how simple she keeps her illustrations. They have a sense of it being suspended in time. Very cool. Go visit her website to see more awesome work @ http://www.raquelissima.com/


  1. lovely illustrations, i want to see your new work romina~!:D
    p.s.patiently waiting waiting for your magic postcard to fly into my mailbox~<3

  2. haha you will see new work I promise, for now I'm working on some color swatches that I will soon share :)

    PS: it hasn't arrive yet? if it doesn't arrive in a week lemme know and I'll send another one :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing them!<3

    =w=i'm patiently waiting, and praying that little postcard will arrive safely~!<3