May 30, 2011

Chillon Castle at Montreaux, Switzerland.

I Love castles! So I was very excited to visit CHATEAU CHILLON! 

Sadly it was raining,so I couldn't take the boat to take pictures of the front view like HERE, but I will be back :)


  1. Oh man, I want to go to a castle so bad!

    This looks so cool! :)

  2. I am so artenvious of all the wonderful travels you are experiencing.

    For awhile you blog wasn't liking me. It wouldn't let me in. I thought maybe you blocked me or something.

    Glad to see you didn't!

  3. Glad you guys are enjoying the pictures :D

    And rubin, NO! I wouldn't do that! but I'm glad my blog is behaving now. :)

  4. Grüezi!
    These pictures are wonderful! They make me homesick. We have so many beautiful castles in Czech Republic.
    Your second card arrived! What a treasure! I love it! Please be patient with me as to a response.I always wanted to illustrate children books and whimsical is my style. My 6yr old pointed out, that I should start coloring my I am still nervous as I am not professionally trained in color. Just gotta leap..
    You are inspiring me to push myself to draw a story. You are so talented! Making people happy with your art is a great gift! Many blessings your way and enjoy your wonderful trip! I am privileged to have met you!

  5. Your illustrations are beautiful! and go for the color! don't be afraid! if you check under my "from my library" category you'll find some books I use that talk about colors :) plus the experimenting is part of the fun! and looking forward to getting your card!! I'm glad I inspire you, reading people's blog is inspiring to me(among them yours) so I'm glad my blog does the same to others. And glad to have met you too, the blogging community is amazing no?

  6. Yes! Love the blogging community!
    I never checked your library section, thank you. I don't know where to start.
    I looove rich vibrant colors, watercolor melts and salt effect.
    I have to do s.t. with that.
    Wish a day was 48 hrs long...or my adrenals not so depleted :)

  7. Oh and Yes veeeery happy to have met you too! :D