Nov 23, 2009

Be on the Re-bound!

This week from my library I'm sharing a book that gives you good reasons to keep your old game boards, gift cards, potato chips, wallets, and anything you never though you could reuse. 
Ladies and gentleman I'll bring you *drums rolls*

Written by Jeannine Stein (thank you Jeannine!) who has been creating beautiful books for 15 years, not afraid of experimenting and trying new techniques. She's also an award winning journalist and has written  about paper crafts. There she's a great source, so you won't be disappointed at all.
The book is not hard to read, the instructions are clear and the  illustrations make it even easier for you. There's also pictures and templates to help you. Also at the end of the book she introduces you to other book artists out there who do the same art (amazing work, there's one who did a book with cans). It was thanks to this book that I did my first roll up sketchbook. 
Here's a little peek

From my library to yours, this is a great addition.

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