Nov 30, 2009

"Greatings Season"

The title is not misspelled, I just wrote great instead of greet, because I think greeting cards are great. Anyway, the holidays are getting closer, and so is the perfect time to send a thoughtful card for christmas, new year, a christening, a birthday, a happy new year and/or a hello card. Also, cards for the gifts to let the person know who has a good taste in giving gifts (oh thank God not a weird shirt!). This brings me to this week book from my library to yours:

 It was given to me on my birthday by two dear friends of mine (great taste ladies).
I love this book, the title is perfect. Is not just cards ideas, but envelopes, pop-ups, locking devices, frames and windows and simple folds. All the ideas featured in this book are beautiful and unique and for every occasion. It is very straightforward, you don't' read the instructions, but rather you follow the illustrations, which are easy to see. The book gives you templates on the book and the best part is that it comes with a CD included with the files of the templates so you can print them out. The CD also contains graphics if you want to decorate the idea you plan to fold.
Here, you are welcome to peek:

A proud member of my library.

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