Nov 12, 2009

Sharpie + Cup = Boey man

One of the best way to get inspired when you can't go out because is raining, and you don't have an umbrella is to surf the internet. While I was surfing I came across this ecollustrator. That's right I'm not the only ecollustrator and it has become my new mission to find others and share it with all of you. I'm talking about Cheeming boey.
He also combines recycling with illustration. Main items styrofoam cups and sharpie pens. No really that's all he uses, quite simple. Simplicity can be amazing check it out

We all know about styrofoam cups, the main reason not being biodegradable. 
This is the reason why I love creativity, because something that we see everyday, that we usually discard can be totally transformed. Witness the transformation:
To quickly know about him here is a link to an interview from the Sharpie blog 
So definitely go check out all his amazing cups, read his journal and other news about him at his website

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