Apr 30, 2010

Yeah...About that.

My dear friend there won't be a D.I.Y recycling this week, due to the huge amount of work I have to finish! Among them the book cover, ship the new painting, and the experiments and new products My mother and I been working for the shop( which I need to hurry so we can upload it, because it was supposed to be done a while ago, but is been so slow and we not done yet) Then I have a next project that I can't talk about it yet but I can say, It will involve 26 illustrations (The book cover its sort of a warm up for it :) ). It's been a reallllllllly good month for me, let's hope may it is. Here is just more illustration to share, that will be on the book cover that I will paint today (they seem familiar because I showed then to you yesterday in my sketchbook, but now are into watercolor paper):

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