May 18, 2011

COLOR by Victoria Finlay.

I just finished reading "Color: A Natural History of the Palette" by Victoria Finlay and wow what a read. It was so good that the last chapter I read it oh so slow, because I didn't want to finish it and when I did I sat quietly taking everything I learned from this book, my mind quickly remembering my favorite parts and I knew that this book has stirred something in me and I will for sure re-read it again in the near future(probably on my flight back to Mexico) It has become an instant favorite.

Anyway this book chronicles the travels of Victoria Finlay, a journalist and writer who traveled 17 countries to find the stories behind the pigments that are in our color palettes. Some came from the bodies of mummies, others carry the blood of an insect, and there are sea snails that cries purple. I could go on, but I leave that for you to read and find out. Each chapter is a color and my favorite chapters were Red, Indigo and Purple,fascinating stories, but mostly because it brought back some good childhood memories of my hometown :)

I love the cover it goes very well with what the book is about. And she has written another book called "Jewels: A Secret History" Which I already put it in my to read list. Though I'm not one into jewels, I will still read it because when reading Color I not only enjoyed finding out where the pigments came from, but also enjoyed Victoria's travel experiences, the cultures she encountered and the people she met in her journeys.

So read it! and guess what? she has a blog! Visit it here:

Buy the book HERE.

And now I'll leave you with a quote from Victoria Finlay that I got from her Blog:

"It is sometimes the small things, the ones we take for granted, that are the most wonderful"


  1. Wow. That's fascinating. It sounds like a great book. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. you're welcome and yest its a must read :D!