May 26, 2011

Lyon,France's Flower Tree by Choi Jeong Hwa

When I visited Lyon, France I fell in love with this flower tree, it was such a bright  and beautiful contrast against the old world architecture, so you bet I took way too many pictures of this tree, but here are the top 3 best pictures:

The Flower tree was created by Choi Jeong Hwa, who creates amazing public art, here are some of my favorites:

Here is a video where he explains the philosophy behind his work, that I found at the Creator Project:

visit his website to see more of his work: 
Or his creator project page for more videos:


  1. Oh, how I love his colorful plastic art. I liked how he said that art is for everyone and that he is not the artist---but what an artist he is! Thanks for sharing the photos in Lyon.

  2. Hi gain. Good news.I got your card!!!!!
    It couldn't have gotten stolen since I share my mailbox only with one other tenant, but this morning I was looking for something through the pile of my kid's school art projects and there it was! My husband must have picked it up, didn't tell me about it and than shoved it into the art pile. Of course,I should have thought of that. :
    So no need to send another one! It so so lovely and happy and blending and blooming! I put it on my desk to always remind me to bloom! :) Thank you.♥

  3. Oh and yes, those art projects are very cool. I love the tea cups! Like Alice in Wonderland. Makes me wanna climb in.

  4. Yay! I'm glad!!, I already mailed the other one :) so keep an eye for that one too :) so it'll keep company to the tulip ones. and Hey I also though of alice in wonderland when i saw it! :D

  5. Melissa I loved that quote of him too!! and he truly shows a beautiful side of plastic, which i never though of it that way. I'm glad you are enjoying the picture :D

  6. Oh I get a double Romina? Yeeey!!
    You a re so fast!
    So now I gotta get to work on my card for you! :)

  7. a tree with fruits and vegetables is growing pumpkins in Lyon?)