May 19, 2011

Dani Jones

This week Illustrator of the week is Dani jones! I really love her digital illustration, they have a touch of traditional style, it looks to me like acrylic and gouaches! I really like her illustration style and she's quite a very active illustrator is so inspiring to read her blog! plus she gives such good advice, tips, as well as really good tutorials. I plan to do the following tutorials:

She also create The Illustrated Section, a great place to sell your webcomics! I been thinking that sometime in the future I would love to start a comic series, so the illustrated section would be a great place to sell it. 

So check out her website:
And the Illustrated Section:

She also just finished a Children's book called " Once upon a Time" is quite charming!:

She also shares her process, which is very informative.


  1. like your illustrations, specially the mariachis, but where the fat guy? theres always a fat guy playing the guitar.

  2. haha no these are not my illustrations (I wish!), but they are Dani Jones. Every week I like to share the works of an illustrator I like. Visit her site for more cool work of hers @

    hahah as for the fat guy playing the guitar, I guess she chose to give him the trumpet :p