Jun 17, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling: Father Day's Card

Well there's not better way than to wish your father a happy father's day with something you make, and here is a little something fun you can make :)

All you need is a strip of paper ( I'm using a stenographer paper my cousin sent to me to recycle) you can do it any size depends on how long your message is. The size I have is 2.25" x 8.5" and a rectangle of any paper of your choice, can be a cereal box, I'm using rough watercolor paper that I had saved, since I now paint on cold-press paper. Now Let's go make the card!

1: Mark the areas where you will fold, here I marked them @ .75" from each other:

2: Then Fold down, and fold, fold ,fold until all you have is a small rectangle:

3: Let's make it look like an envelope:

4: Now Let's write a letter. The way it works is, the message is read from down up. Also when writing it, half of the letter goes on top and the rest below. That way as you are unfolding up you only read the words that are connected:

5: Now let's put it in the card. Find the center of the card in the back, once you've done that, put the "envelope" on top to trace its height:

6: To the height add it a bit extra, so it will be easy to slide the "envelope" in. Slide the "envelope" in and turn the paper around:

7: Let's sketch and paint!:

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