Jun 15, 2010

Ecollustrator of the Week: Alberto Cerriteno

Today's ecollustrator is another amazing and talented Mexican, VIVA Alberto Cerriteno!
His illustrations are playful, colorful, festive, happy and I think it really portrays the kid we all have inside. Alberto Cerriteno has been featured in numerous design and illustration magazines, has been part of motion graphics and great gallery shows (I first saw his work at the gallery nucleus exhibition of "Terrible Yellow Eyes.").  His technique is a blend of watercolors, archival ink, adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. I feel all the combination of these mediums contribute to his unique style and his skills of course play a major role. You know what I like the most about his work? he's an illustrator, designer, and animator and  a very good one. Why does this excite me? because graphic design, illustration and animation overlaps into one another, they are not 3 separate things, as a graphic designer teacher would often love to said it to me. This will lead us to bump heads a lot, because I wanted to incorporate my illustration style into my design work and he wanted only simplistic lines and not "decoration" and he always said to me "I understand your struggle, is because you are an illustrator" that phrase irks me! so thank you Alberto!

I read this in one of his interviews, his philosophy in his work though I share it with you all:"Pursue passion in what you do, believe in yourself and eventually, you'll find happiness"

Alberto Cerriteno and his family live in Portland, OR
wait? Did I wrote that correctly? Yes I did, and who's moving to Portland, OR?
ME! I hope I get the chance and honor to meet him, how exciting would that be? 
Maybe he'll even recommend me the best mexican food in Portland since I don't have the amazing cooking skills of my mother querida.

Visit All these Alberto Realms:

His BLOG (yes I follow it)

Now a peek to some of his work, enjoy!:

Now aren't you feeling happier? I am. 
Have a good day everyone!

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