Jun 25, 2010

From my Library to Yours: Illustrating Children's Books

No D.I.Y Recycling this week, but for my birthday I treated myself a book!What can I say suddenly the box I'm taking to Portland does not feel so heavy at all It can fit one more book, heck I can squeeze in 3 more Te-hehehe. Anyway here is a really good book for those interested in getting into the children book market and wants to illustrate children books( me me me me por favor!)

" Illustrating Children's Picture Books" 
by Steven Withrow and Lesley Breen Withrow

This is an amazing book, and let me tell you why:

It covers from a timeline on the history of the picture book to how the process of creating a picture book is (from the manuscript to the dummy book to the final stage). It covers different techniques and mediums as well as important key facts like composition and design. Not just that but it talks about the importance of storytelling, which I agree  to what the book says, storytelling  is the bones of a good picture book :) It also covers artist profiles and how they work to give you an idea. And the cherry is all the good resources they leave you with. Highly recommend it, because from what I been learning about the children book's market is that being a really good artist is not enough, but rather you have to know and understand the market, read most of the well known children books out there. Keep up with the latest news and BE passionate as well as childish. So that has been my new goal, to know as much as I can about the children book market :) because I know now that's my passion! So no just sharpen those skills, also do the research (research is actually fun! is like scavenger hunting).

Now a peek:

Pretty cool right?

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