Jun 22, 2010

Toy Story 3 such a wonderful film.

I apologize for no updating yesterday as usual, something came up that I needed to ponder on and  sort of brought me down. I will no rush my decision on it. Let's not dwelt on that, on a lighter note, I saw Toy Story 3 and it made my day. It's really good, If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you to do so.
I love animation, more than actual human-films (there are exceptions of course), because I feel they pay more attention to the story line, to the characters, the sense of humor is great and even more they all have a message.

Here I wanted to share a few animations I had come across that are on the same spirit as Toy story 3 :)

Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield:
The videos done my simon Tofield are so cute and funny specially if you love cats.

I Lived in the Moon  by Kwoon:
This is a music video that will blow you away, the animation style is beautiful and the song is perfect for
the animation.

Octopus Love!

Do Penguins Fly?:
Watch and Find out!

Anchored by Lindsey Olivares:
Love her style and the story :)


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