Nov 24, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling Mail a hug!

A friend requested a hug, I said sure! and here is how I figured out how to mail it.  :)

The materials I used were:

1: Shoe box top, cut down to the size of the envelope I'm using.
2: String.
3: Matte medium & spray fixative.
4: Watercolor and color pencils.
5: Hole puncher

And here is how a hug was born:

Sketch yourself and your hands

Prep the shoebox top with some matte medium so the paint won't bleed.

Paint it with your choice of medium. I used watercolors & Color pencils

Hole punch where you will pass the string.

Cut out your mini-me

Pass the string through the holes & tied it. Make sure the arms are long enough to hug your friend

Ready to be mailed.

If you mail a hug, do share a pic! I would love to see all kinds of hugs being mailed :)


  1. OOOOOHHH. I love this! I shell post this as my next project on my blog, if that's OK with you! How cute and clever. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm glad you liked it!! Of course you can, as long as it's for personal projects I said go for it, nothing like receiving a hug in the mail :) Also can you email me your address for the postcard forward project?