Nov 11, 2010

From my library to yours: Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist

Looking at my library and then to the books I have recommended I surprised myself that I haven't shared this book with you:

This book was so helpful during my student years when taking figure drawing classes. I still use it today, and will use even more, because I have noticed my human beings need a whole lot more practice, I have reached the conclusion that my basic figure drawing foundation is not strong enough. If you are wondering why?, the answer is simple, After two years of figure drawing, I stopped diligently pursuing it and focused my attention in other things, which mean I didn't practice as much as I should have. Well Just like I plan to color study my watercolors, I plan to do more figure drawing on my own with the guidance of this book and real life. So take as much figure drawing as you can not matter what!! Now here is a peek to some of the pages, this book cover every thing from the bone, out to the muscle to proportions and a really good chapter on the muscles of facial expression.

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