Nov 29, 2010

"...when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”-The Alchemist

Warning: This post is long and cheesy, If you don't want to read it all skip to the end and just read the blue paragraph, it has an announcement about the future of this blog.

This phrase from "The Alchemist" keeps popping into my head, when unexpected changes affect my life; Specially now.

It is my goal to become a successful illustrator, by successful I mean that one day  I'll illustrate a lot of children's books, and have just enough money to live a good life full of motivation/inspiration and travel.

Due to many circumstances I had to make some hard choices( but again as life has taught me sometimes the hardest choice is the right one) but long story short, I'm moving back to the motherland, by motherland I mean Mexico.

It was sad to let go of my opportunity with Oregon College of Art and Design, I'm not completely closing that chapter, I plan to definitely come back one day, maybe to visit and take a summer class there, one never knows. I'm sad to leave behind beautiful people, they being family and friends who been with me for wonderful 12 years that I lived in the USA.

Despite sadness, there is excitement in me too ( I guess that's what it means to have mixed feelings)
I have good family in Mexico, that I have't seen in so long (not counting facebook) plus I have reconnected with childhood friends that I'm looking forward to meeting again. Plus I have fond memories of my hometown Oaxaca. So I'm looking forward to re-discovering its beauty before (& after) I move to Mexico city for school. In Mexico city I plan to attend a Seminar of  8 Months where it will introduce me to the world of illustration in Mexico ( It will be the push I need to start and become part of the illustration market in Mexico).  I will finally be able to freelance and grow as an illustrator 
(something I could not do here in the united states where I only had a diplomatic visa, that gives me no permission to legally work).

But before all that excitement begins I'm making another stop at another continent: Europe, destination? Switzerland. A cousin of mine and her husband has always encouraged me to come visit her and learn french. I kept saying no because the timing was always wrong, but now I can totally do it, the savings I had for grad school, I'm using it to make this trip possible.

To end this novel of a post, my last announcement is to say that my blog is getting a whole new makeover I want to make it into a blog where I will still cover recycling and green consciousness, but I want to expand it to inspiration, illustration, travel and books( Lately I been slowly going toward that directions, so I feel the name ecollustration no longer applies to my blog.) My blog will be up and running again in January first. :)

Thank you for sticking with me.....well if you did, I have to admit it was a really long post so if you didn't, I don't blame ya.



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