Nov 3, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling: Paint a bag!

Or in my case paint my little first aid bag, because it's boring. It needs a little makeover and you can do this to any bag all you need is clear gesso or matte medium, acrylics and ink.

The before photo:

The makeover:

Clear gesso or matte medium where you want to paint

Paint background, add rough sketch.

And paint...

...and keep painting...

...just keep painting, oh and outline details with micro or rapidograph pens.

Add the last details and Tada!!!

The After Picture:

About my first Aid Kit:

Yes, I always carry a first aid kit with me, which my family and friends used to tease me about, until they started benefiting from my little first aid kit. Originally it had items that came with that little bag, when it ran out, I refill it by going to the travel section in any pharmacy store. I love everything in the travel section, everything is so small, is so cute. Another aisle is the first aid section too, not as cute as the travel section but one needs to.

Have a good day everyone!

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