Apr 9, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling Flip Book

I been dying to try to make a flip book with soda boxes,I'm trying to figure out what paper works good, so here is my first experiment (soda boxes) I did find the right binding technique that helps the flip book. Its called Japanese Basic Stitch, I guided myself using this book. Ok so here we go:

1: Cut the amount of paper or soda box you plan to use into 3.5"x 2" rectangles:

2: Then put 4 spots where you will pass the needle and poke each dot so it would be easy to pass the needle when stitching the book together:

3: Draw your illustrations. Then put them together,  the beginning in the bottom and end on top:

4:Here comes the stitching. the amount of string you need is 5 times the length of the book and then you double it. After you have the string and needle ready pass the needle through the 3rd hole leaving 2 inches behind:

5: Circle the needle around the spine, then stitch again through the 3rd hole:

6: From the back of the book stitch through the 2nd hole:

7: Then do it again, and then go through the first hole:

8: Bring the thread around the spine and go through the 1st hole again. Same thing again only this time you bring the thread around the head of the book:

9: Now from the back of the book stitch through the 2nd hole:

10: Then stitch through the 3rd hole:

11: Now from the back of the book stitch through the 4th hole. Then do it again going over the spine:

12: One more time! only this time go over the front side of the book. Tie your strings together and voila! you got yourself a flip book:

Here is a video of the final result. I have discovered two things:
1) I need a tripod!
2) Soda box is toooo thick, mmmm I need to find what can I recycled as paper? something not too thin nor too thick, if you have suggestions let me know.
Anyway this won't be the last flip book, I still want to experiment. Have a good weekend everyone!!!
Here is the video Link:

1st Flip Book from Romina Perez on Vimeo.
PS:Sorry for the bad quality, wait till I get that Tripod :)


  1. Perhaps, paper grocery bags, like the trader joe's ones? They aren't quite as hard as soda boxes, but still kind of stiff. :)

  2. oh that's a good sugestion :)

  3. this was really helpful!!! thanksss :D