Apr 19, 2010

New Show + I Heart Book covers!

I'm Part of a new group show being held at Liliya Restaurant/Gallery, The theme is "Springtime in Grimm's Garden", I'll be doing " Little Red Cap" (I will post the sketches on friday's Ecollustration. I been dying to make a book cover so I plant o use that same illustration to make a book cover and add it to my portfolio( I'm pretty excited about it). I want to share some of my favorite book covers from other illustrators and designers(Click on their names to take you to their website:

Jessica Hische: 

She is a teacher at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she is teaching a book cover class 
( I'm jelousss, I would love to take a class with her)  here are some of her student's work that she shared in her blog( of course I'm a follower):

(A student of Jessica Hische):

Hope you all enjoyed today's post :)


  1. What beautiful books! I especially liked Coralie Bickford-Smith's patterns and vintage feel. Just lovely!

  2. Gosh I know, I fell in love when I saw her books in anthropologie.!!! Book covers are lovely indeed (well the well designed/illustrated ones).