Apr 8, 2010

Ecollustration of the week: Wanderlust Process

Hello everyone! I will be posting the D.I.Y. Recycling tomorrow( It will be a Flip book!), since I plan to work all day on my painting, I got a deadline to meet ( I have to send the at least one painting for promotion).

I'm talking about the "Wanderlust" Group show in J+K Gallery on first avenue located in Arcadia, CA. It will be held on June 4th(save the date!) more information will be shown when the day gets near and all the paintings are done. To get you excited I plan to share the process of the first painting. Here it is, from my sketchbook I transferred to a bigger watercolor paper, then lay down the base colors, Today I will add more contrast and shadows and bring highlights with gouache :)

And remember today is the deadline for the giveaway, I have extended to midnight pacific time
here is the link and good luck!!


  1. yay! we're in it together.
    are you going to come to the opening?

  2. TUNA!!!
    what an honor! :D
    I wish I could go to the opening and now that I know you are part of it I want to go more! :(
    but It won't be possible, but I will be in LA in july(Let's meet) :D and I plan to stop by.