Apr 4, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling Pinwheel!

Like promised here is this week's D.I.Y. Recycling, a Pinwheel! All you need is a cereal box, an unused/old brush, a small nail and a bead. Here it goes. Remember click on the images to make them larger and you are always welcome to contact me with questions:

1: So first cut your cereal box to the size of square you desired:

2:Them trace light lines across the corners and then from the center to the corner find the middle point market connect all fours to get a center square:

3: Cut the diagonal lines that are outside the square and bend the right side corners only:

4: In the middle poke a hole with your nail and if you happen to have a double stick tape put some in the center to help you hold your corners. On another note if your nail is the same nail as mine I recommend to just use one bead, you'll see why later:

5: Then Bring your corners to the center to poke holes on them, you can do it with the nail or the x-acto knife:

6: Now unite all corners with your nail, then bring it down to the center hole of the soon-to-be pinwheel:

6: I recommend to get someone to hold your brush while you hammer (gently no need of force) I ended up removing a bead because otherwise my pinwheel would not spin and that's not fun:

7: Tada! spin it, spin it until it feels loose and is ready!!!! decorate it anyway you can, and make it pretty.

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